16:2 hh  3/4 TB x ID

She is a wonderful 12year old mare who likes to maintain Alpha status in our herd which is great for keeping the colts in check. She has a kind and willing nature and is very eager to please. She loves X.C. and endurance rides and will go all day if allowed to, has no hesitation if asked to jump down banks, steps, into & through water etc.Will also tackle show jumps but needs further education in that department along with her dressage.

Ridden regularly she would be a fantastic riding club horse and would easily get to County Level in Working Hunter & Showing classes. Failing that, I have found her to be no problem in her just being a pleasure horse who can be picked up and put down as and when required.

She is good to box in either lorry or trailer, Good to clip, with farrier and in traffic. Will hack out in company (in front or rear) or alone.

As I don't have an arena nor the time, she is wasted here, the right jockey could take her a long way or she would suit a happy hacker.

My husband Barry took up riding and they were having lessons together, we regularly hacked out and she really looked after him. However, his recurring health problems were being aggravated by riding so he has decided that it is not for him.




13: hh Welsh x Arab mare - companion or ridden - If not ridden then grazing would need to be restricted as she easily becomes overweight.